Introducing the

AirQUEEN® Nano Mask

  • Cutting-edge nanofibre filtration system mask

  • FFP2 (FDA-approved N95 equivalent) surgical respirator

  • Over 97% particle filtration (exceeding the 95% threshold for FFP2/N95)

  • Ultra-light, comfortable and breathable

  • Made in Korea

Cutting-edge filtration technology

AirQUEEN® Nanofibre

At 1 billionth of a meter thick, our nanofibre material is arranged in a fishnet matrix for optimal filtration, durability and breathability … for both safety AND comfort.


Don’t settle for an ‘electrostatic’ filter that grows less effective and less comfortable with each breath due to moisture …

… use the proven benefits of NANO-TECHNOLOGY

Easy, no-fog breathing

Proven pathogen barrier

Secure-fit, enhanced durability

Feather-light, all-day comfort

Now available!

AirBON® Children’s Nano Mask

Designed for children using the same uncompromising nanofibre filter technology

Standard melt-blown filter

(5,000 times enlarged)
The standard melt-blown fibres have an average distance between fibres of over 10μm

AirQUEEN® nanofibre filter

(15,000 times enlarged)
AirQUEEN’s nanofibres are much thinner and have an average distance between fibres of 1.0μm

AirQUEEN® – designed for all-day comfort

Individually-wrapped surgical respirator approved for medical use
Light and breathable so users “forget they are wearing it”